LCD displays use white light emitted from CCFLs (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) and LCD shutters to create an image.

Although in recent years LED TVs have overtaken LCD as the most popular type of television, LCDs are great displays. The best thing about this type of TV is that it uses less energy than plasma. This means that switching from a plasma to an LCD TV is both better for the environment and can allow users to make some energy saving. Furthermore, LCD TVs are relatively inexpensive, especially in comparison with televisions that use OLED technology.

In addition, unlike plasma televisions, LCD televisions are not affected by image burn-in.

However, there a couple of drawbacks which need to be taken into consideration. Firstly, due to the nature of LCD technology, the viewing angle is not as good as other devices. Also, fast-moving images are sometimes compromised on LCD devices, these means the screen may blur when you are watching a sports match.


Sony’s BRAVIA (Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture) brand of LCD TVs have proved very successful as most models boast high-definition and the more high-end models provide 3D conversion and screen sizes in excess of  46”.

Top 3 Sony LCD TVs

  • Sony BRAVIA KDL-40Z5800: 40”, HD and Freesat
  • Sony BRAVIA KDL- 40W5500: 40”and Freeview
  • Sony BRAVIA KDL- 40W5810: 40”, Freesat and HD

Sony BRAVIA KDL-40Z5800 Sony BRAVIA KDL- 40W5500 Sony BRAVIA KDL- 40W5810


Samsung have a great range of LCD TVs, many of which include additional features such as an in-built DVD player, Smart technology and 3D.

Top 3 Samsung LCD TVs

  • Samsung UE40F5500: 40”, HD, Smart TV and Freeview
  • Samsung UE46F8000: 46”, 3D, HD, Smart TV and Freeview
  • Samsung UE40F6740: 40”, 3D, HD, Smart TV and Freeview

Samsung UE40F5500 Samsung UE46F8000 Samsung UE40F6740






While there is a still considerable competition in the LCD TV market, Philips have made a number of excellent LCD TVs that truly stand out from the crowd.

Top 3 Philips LCD TVs

  • Philips 42PFL9664H: 40”, HD Ready and Freeview
  • Philips 42PFL7404H: 42”, HD and Freeview
  • Philips 40PFL9704: 40”, HD and Freeview

Philips 42PFL9664HPhilips 42PFL7404H Philips 40PFL9704