Kobo Aura


Kobo Inc. is one of the world’s fastest growing eReader services committed to creating a more engaging reading experience with their popular devices. The successful eReader has produced a range of eReaders as well as a Kobo reading app, available on devices using BlackBerry, iOS or Android operating systems, allowing users to access its impressive catalogue of eBooks suited to every preference. The eReader manufacturer aims to integrate a social aspect into the reading lives of its users through specific apps created for sharing book reviews, reading recommendations, trends and challenges.

The Kobo Aura is the latest device to be released by Kobo in attempt to create a more budget friendly version of the earlier Kobo Aura HD. Stylish and portable, the Kobo Aura provides a print on paper reading experience whatever lighting you are in due to its elegant low glare Pearl E Ink screen and built in ComfortLight technology. Nice and compact, the Aura’s narrow and thin body is of a small size, perfect for portability and of great comfort when held for extended periods of time. The use of edge to edge touchscreen provides an easier way to navigate around the eReader and improves the ability to turn book pages when reading. Whilst reading it is possible to customize the font, ink weight and text sharpness to suit your personal preference. The Aura, also has the capacity to uniquely cater for dyslexic readers, customizing the text to create an easier reading experience.

With a large internal storage, the Kobo Aura can hold around 3000 e-books at one time. However, if users desire more they are able to increase their eReader’s storage to a 32GB capacity through the use of a MicroSD card. The Aura boasts a reliable and impressive battery life, longer than any other eReader competitor currently on the market.

A dedicated e-reading device, the attractive Kobo Aura provides all you need and more from your eReader. Its intuitive features and sophisticated display make for an enjoyable reading experience and mark the Kobo Aura as a market must have.

Kobo Aura HD

Although slightly more expensive, the Kobo Aura HD is still available to buy. The Aura HD’s essential specifications are the same of that of the Aura, yet it is slightly heavier in weight and larger in size due to its bigger screen. The screen of the Aura HD is the eReader’s biggest highlight thanks to its striking HD high re

Like all Kobo devices, the Kobo Aura and the Kobo Aura HD benefit from access to Kobo Inc’s e-book store that features over 3.5million e-books, ranging from best-sellers and comics to book classics and new releases. When trying to decide on what to read next, the Kobo e-book store helpfully recommends new titles for your next read based on your previous reading choices. Apps such as Kobo Reading Life allow users an exclusive reading experience where you are able to read and collect your favourite titles, discover your next reading choice and share with others your e-book recommendations.
solution display. The Peal E Ink screen offers users the ultimate clarity when reading due to the incredible crispness of its text display. Available in three stylish colours; Espresso, Ivory and Onyx, the Aura HD is certainly an impressive and attractive eReader choice.