Kindle Voyage

The Kindle Voyage is the latest e-reader from Amazon. With a great design and a number of new features, the Kindle Voyage is a serious upgrade from the Kindle Paperwhite.


Like other e-readers in the Kindle series, the Voyage has a 6-inch screen and weighs less than the average paperback book: the perfect compromise between comfort and convenience. However, Amazon has greatly improved the already brilliant resolution of the Kindle by giving the Voyage a resolution twice as high as its predecessor!

Amazon’s latest Kindle also features PagePress, pressure sensors on either side of the Voyage that allow you to change the pages. This is both more convenient and less distracting than button which allows for a better reading experience. In order to make the e-reader’s display closer to that of a regular book, the Kindle Voyage features an adaptive front-light which adjusts according to the lighting conditions. When reading at night the brightness slowly dims in order to coincide with the way that our eyes adjust to the light.

Distraction-Free Reading

Although it is possible to read Kindle e-books on your tablet or smart device, there are some advantages unique to the Kindle. To begin with, the Voyage is distraction-free as you cannot receive push notifications or emails: this allows for a more immersive reading experience. However, if you wish, you can share meaningful quotations with Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook.

Extra Features

As well as allowing you to read e-books and carry your entire library around with you, the Kindle Voyage has a number of useful yet unobtrusive features which make it one of the most powerful e-readers on the market. One great feature is that Kindle can estimate how long it will take you to finish a chapter or book, perfect if you are unsure whether you can fit in an extra chapter before bed!

As opposed to a regular print book, on the Kindle Voyage you can quickly look up definitions using the New Oxford English Dictionary. Words that you have looked up will be added to your Vocabulary Builder to help expand your knowledge. In addition, you can seamlessly use Wikipedia and X-Ray to gain a better understanding of a book’s characters and settings.

Excellent Choice

One of the great things about Kindle in general is that Amazon has thousands of low-cost eBooks for you to download and more than half a million of which are Amazon exclusives, meaning you cannot buy them in eBook format anywhere else.

Amazon also allows Kindle users to download the first chapter of a book for free, allowing you to try before you buy, much like you would read the opening pages of a novel in a bookshop. Or if you are unsure what to read next, Amazon can handpick some suitable selections based on your previous reading.

New to Amazon is Kind Unlimited which allows you to read as many books as you want for just £7.99 per month: about the price of a regular paperback!