Kindle Paperwhite

kindle-paperwhiteIn attempt to develop their original Paperwhite eReader, Amazon has recently released the newly updated and improved Kindle Paperwhite. The newer model, although not much different to its predecessor from its exterior, has undergone a significant internal upgrade in order to create a Kindle Paperwhite much smoother, faster and generally better than before.

The first eReader to feature an E Ink Pearl 2 display, the new Kindle Paperwhite benefits from improved contrast, a more responsive touchscreen display, low glare and a built in next generation light that can be easily adjusted to improve reading conditions. Equipped with a faster processor, the new Kindle Paperwhite is much speedier than its original model, running and page turning 25% faster than its predecessor. Battery life is substantial lasting up to 2 months when Wi-Fi is switched off and with a storage capacity of 2GB the Kindle Paperwhite can hold up to 1,100 e-books at one time. For those that desire a slightly larger storage capacity, a 3GB version will be released and available to buy for a slightly higher price in the upcoming months.

As well as undergoing a major technical upgrade, the new Kindle Paperwhite now also boasts some impressive software updates. These include, Amazon’s integration of its Goodreads social feature enabling users to access like-minded reading recommendations; Kindle Page Flip allowing users to skip ahead when reading without losing their current place; a Vocabulary Builder to track words users have looked up in the dictionary in order to provide learning help through flashcards and an In-Line Footnotes feature to aid easier reading of footnotes. Yet, the most impressive app unique to the Kindle is the Amazon Ecosystem. Amazon’s web store holds an incredibly impressive array of books, magazines and newspapers, offering over 1.8million e-book titles.

Other useful features include: an in-built dictionary to look-up definitions of unfamiliar words whilst reading, the ability to highlight and annotate e-books and a Time to Read feature that records reading speeds and calculates how long it will take to finish reading the current chapter being read.

Although not particularly spectacular on the outside, the internal adjustments and additions to the new Kindle Paperwhite have produced an excellent eReader that is arguably the best on the market and the top choice for many eReader users.