Kindle Fire HD

Amazon have debuted their next release within the Kindle Fire range, the Kindle Fire HDX, in attempt to develop a tablet device with a desired spec to rival its competitors. The compelling new model, available in both a 7 inch and 8.9 inch version, is equipped with many impressive improvements bound to cause a stir within the tablet market.

At surface value the Kindle Fire HDX has little difference to its predecessor with only subtle changes being made; Amazon have ensured a reduction in size and weight, created a more angular body and re-positioned the tablet’s speakers to the top of the device, rather than being in the centre, in order to prevent any muffling when handheld. Yet, boasting a new quad core Snapdragon 800 processor, the Kindle Fire HDX is three times quicker than originally, with a significant increase seen in its battery life. New improvements to the model’s display create a sharper and brighter screen with excellent graphics, harbouring a dynamic image contrast feature that responds to external lighting changes, creating the best viewing screen to suit the environment you are in.

Along with the Kindle Fire HDX, Amazon has released their updated operating system running the new model, Fire OS v3.0, that comes ready with an exciting and unique tech support feature. The Mayday virtual genius bar allows live tech advisor support to appear on your screen walking you through how to fix any technical issues you may have. The tech advisor visible on your screen guides you through solutions by illustratively drawing across your display.

The new Kindle Fire HDX, with its Amazon perks and remarkable updates, is set to hit markets in October and is expected to be one tablet hard to beat.

Although an Android operated tablet, Amazon has heavily modified its system. Everything is downloaded from Amazon’s ecosystem, including Amazon movies, Amazon MP3s, Kindle Books and the Amazon App Market.

As with all Amazon products, users can benefit from an Amazon Prime membership, with a free month of Prime available when you purchase any version from the Kindle Fire HD range. The service allows user access to Amazon’s increasing selection of films, TV shows and Kindle Books, essential for making the most out of your Kindle device.