Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Rather than just simply being a device for downloading and reading books, Amazon’s new and updated Kindle Fire HD 8.9 has become an all purpose tablet to explore Amazon’s various multimedia channels. As well as having the availability of Kindle Books, the tablet allows you access to music, films, games and apps as well as web browsing, with these outlets made more enjoyable by the 8.9 model’s large, rich in colour HD display. Certainly a highlight of the device, the HD screen is packed with pixels creating a sharp and vivid display with wide viewing angles and high contrasts.  Great for family use, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 features a downloadable app to create parental controls. The FreeTime app allows users to customize the content available on different profiles as well as setting daily time limits, creating a more child friendly and family sharing device.


It is important to note the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is only of Wi-Fi use, limiting its portability, but for this reason offering users a tablet option for an affordable budget price.

Although an Android operated tablet, Amazon has heavily modified its system. Everything is downloaded from Amazon’s ecosystem, including Amazon movies, Amazon MP3s, Kindle Books and the Amazon App Market.

As with all Amazon products, users can benefit from an Amazon Prime membership, with a free month of Prime available when you purchase any version from the Kindle Fire HD range. The service allows user access to Amazon’s increasing selection of films, TV shows and Kindle Books, essential for making the most out of your Kindle device.