ISDN Packages for Business

ISDN is a telecoms acronym which is short for Integrated Service Digital Network. In its simplest form, it is a vehicle for digitally transmitting data, voice and video via telephone lines. ISDN offers superior performance levels as it boasts high-quality audio and super-speedy transfer rates.

Prior to ISDN, analogue signals were used for connecting to the internet and making calls. The main drawback of analogue was that you could not use the phone and access the internet simultaneously. In addition, analogue signals often suffered from lag and noise interference.

Types of ISDN

There are two types of ISDN line available: ISDN2 and ISDN30


ISDN2 (which is also known as BRI or Basic Rate Interface) is the perfect solution for office with more than 2 phones, but less than 10. As the ‘2’ in the name signifies, each ISDN2 line has a pair of channels.


ISDN30 (which is sometimes referred to as PRI or Primary Rate Interface) is a line solution for offices which have WANs (short for Wide-Area Networks) and more than 8 phone lines.

ISDN30 connections provide users with 8 – 30 channels. The channels can be combined to perform bandwidth-intensive tasks such as holding a video conference or sending massive files.

Top ISDN Providers UK

Provider Type of ISDN Monthly Price
BT ISDN2e £19.39 Per Line
BT ISDN30/30e £19.03 Per Line
TalkTalk ISDN2 £39 – £156
TalkTalk ISDN30 £172 – £253