iPhone 5c

Usually, Apple reduces the price of their previous model when they release a new smartphone. However, this time they have decided to complement the release of the iPhone 5s with the iPhone 5c. This model is significantly cheaper than the iPhone 5s and is available in 5 colours: pink, green, white, yellow and blue.5c

While it does not have some of the features seen in the iPhone 5s such as the True Tone flash in the iSight camera app, A7 chip or Touch ID. It is still a powerful smartphone. It too uses the new iSight camera app, which allows you to take better quality photos with its sapphire crystal lens cover and apply filters to your photos.

Like the 5s, the 5c boasts a superior battery life to the iPhone 5. It is capable of 50 hours more standby time and 2 more hours of 3G internet usage.

Unique to all products made by Apple is the ever-increasing content available from Apple. Both the iTunes Store and App Store have numerous apps, films, music, TV programs and books ready to download for your entertainment. . The App Store has over 750,000 apps for you to download and the number is growing daily as apps are not only being added to the store by Apple, but also by third-party companies.Unlike other mobile platforms, all of the available content is reviewed by Apple and guarded against malware, preventing any security risks or threats to your device

Through Apple’s iCloud, backing up your content has never been easier. From your photos and music, to your contacts and calendars, the iCloud stores and backs up your data for you using your different devices. This feature as well as improving your security can ensure you keep up to date wherever you may go.

The price of the iPhone 5c depends on your chosen storage capacity:

  • The 16GB model costs £469
  • The 32GB model costs £549