iPad Pro 9.7 Review


The iPad Pro 9.7 is thought to be the best tablet currently offered by Apple.  Offering an unparalleled sense of functionality within a discrete and user-friendly package, computing and connecting on the go has never been easier.  It appears as of this model (along with the iPad Air 3) is an attempt to bridge the proverbial gap between tablets and laptops.  Easy to handle and offering a unique two-tone outer display, the Pro 9.7 is quite attractive (albeit a bit pricey for some).

The Design

The first thing that users will note is that the display size has increased when compared to previous models.  At 9.7 inches, it is able to compete with similar-sized standard laptops.  However, a thickness of only 6.1 millimetres is a far cry from standard units.  A polished aluminium finish is a trademark of Apple products and the 9.7 incorporates this same design.  Some other useful functions include the patented Touch ID fingerprint scanner, a lightning port, a headphone jack and a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera.  This model is currently available in colours of gold, silver and a tone known as “space grey”.

Performance Characteristics

The main power behind the Pro 9.7 is the use of the A9X system and 2 gigabytes of onboard RAM.  Additionally, other technologies such as an M9 co-processor and a 12-core Power VR Series 7 chip (for graphics) enable the unit to function much like a full-sized laptop.  With an average computing speed of 2.16 GHz, there will be little left to desire in terms of speed.  Numerous applications can be opened at once and high-definition videos will not be a problem.  Up to 256 gigabytes of internal storage is likewise possible (alongside options including 36 gigabytes and 128 gigabytes).

Screen and Keyboard

It should be noted that the lighting of the screen enables the Pro 9.7 to be used in high-light conditions such as outdoors in the sun.  An anti-reflective coating further enhances this capability and those who have been frustrated with not being able to see their text will be happy with the 9.7

The “smart” keyboard is also impressive. Using features such as predictive text and hotkeys, users can quickly type out what they require in a fraction of the time that would otherwise be required.   The keyboard is magnetically connected, so there are no worries about mechanical issues such as buttons or pins.  The low-pile nature of this keyboard can be a bit difficult for some to get accustomed to, but most have not had a problem in terms of ergonomics or its understandably small dimensions.  Let’s not forget that the function of this keyboard can be supplemented with an optional Apple pen.

The Verdict

The only main drawback of the iPad Pro 9.7 is its price; currently $599 dollars.  This could prove to be out of the league for consumers who are looking for a low-end tablet/laptop.  However, the functionality and sheer beauty of this unit cannot be denied.