iPad Mini 3

After a long wait, the successor to the popular iPad Mini 2 with Retina display has been released: the iPad Mini 3. It was released alongside the iPad Air 2 autumn 2014. Although critics are quick to point out that there is very little difference between the iPad Mini 3 and its predecessor, it is still a solid tablet and is definitely among the top tablets released this year.


In terms of design, the Mini 3 takes much of its inspiration from its predecessor. Indeed, both tablets have the same dimensions and the screen resolution. While harshest critics are quick to criticize this, TechStarDeals say ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. However, we do wish that the iPad Mini 3 had a laminated display like the iPad Air 2. We think the device looks great with its metal body that seamlessly blends into the glass display. In addition, it’s nice to see that the device is now available in the gold shade as well as silver and space grey.

TouchID debuted on the iPhone 5s last year and now it is present on the iPad Mini 3. Using your fingerprint as a password, you can use TouchID to lock your tablet, authorize payments and access secure applications. Built into the iPad’s home button and protected by sapphire crystal, TouchID becomes an integral part of the tablet – not a gimmick.


The iPad Mini 3 just misses out on the new A8X and M8 chips found in the iPad Air 2. Instead it sports the same A7 chip and M8 chip with 64-bit architecture as its predecessor. Nevertheless, due to the efficiency of the new iOS 8 operating system, the device runs smoothly with no lag.

The new iOS 8 operating system has a lot of new features and tweaks which make it the best iOS experience to date. Like other operating systems from Apple, iOS 8 is incredibly easy to use and looks great. New features of iOS 8 include QuickType and an upgraded Photos application. Using intuitive prediction technology, QuickType guesses what you are going to type next for even faster typing. The new photo application makes it easier to manage and search through your photos and has improved editing tools so that you can adjust your photos to perfection!

In addition, like Google’s Google Now, when activated, by simply saying ‘Hey Siri’, Siri is activated and ready to perform tasks.


The iPad Mini 3 is available in three memory sizes: 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. Prices range from £319 to £479 depending on how much memory you require. If want to use 3G/4G, you will need to purchase a WiFi and cellular version of the iPad Mini 3 which will add an extra £100.00 to the final price.