iPad Air

ipad-air-silverThe main selling point of the iPad Air is the all-new design. As the name suggests, the new iPad Air is incredibly light, weighing just a pound. In addition, it is 20% thinner than the current iPad 4; this makes the flagship tablet more portable than ever before. In addition, the iPad Air has Retina Display like the iPad 4. This offers an uncompromising viewing experience with sharp text and high-quality videos and image.

The new iPad Air uses the same A7 chip and 64-bit architecture as the new iPhone 5s smartphones that were released earlier this fall. This architecture makes the tablet incredibly fast without compromising on battery life, as the iPad Air provides its users up to 10 hours of battery life.

In addition, like the new Apple iPhones, Apple’s new tablet runs on iOS7. This operating system is not only aesthetically pleasing, but makes the device even simpler to use with helpful multitasking features and AirDrop.

Unique to all Apple products is the ever-increasing content available from Apple. Both the iTunes Store and App Store have numerous apps, films, music, TV programmes and books ready to download for your entertainment. Unlike other mobile platforms, all of the available content is reviewed by Apple and guarded against malware, preventing any security risks or threats to your device.

Through Apple’s iCloud, backing up your content has never been easier. From your photos and music, to your contacts and calendars, the iCloud stores and backs up your data for you using your different devices. This feature as well as improving your security can ensure you keep up to date wherever you may go.

The iPad Air is now available to purchase. Prices vary in accordance to your chosen storage capacity and connection:

  • 16GB costs £399
  • 32GB costs £479
  • 64GB costs £559
  • 128GB costs £639

Its an additional £100 to purchase an iPad Air with cellular connection