iPad 4th Generation (Retina Display)


Updated from the iPad 2 and the discontinued iPad 3, the 4th generation iPad (iPad 4) has now become the flagship iPad for Apple. Boasting an incredibly faster processor than the iPad 2 and a vivid retina display, the iPad 4 now really does have it all whilst still maintaining the original style of its predecessors. Its full package has been updated and tweaked to include a striking screen, great camera lenses, speedy software, 4G internet, intelligent assistance and an endless array of entertaining apps.

Equipped with a new and powerful A6X chip and an improved Wi-Fi performance, the 4th generation iPad can now launch apps and web browsers consistently quicker, making for a smoother and more enjoyable user experience. Along with the new retina display, the A6X chip provides sharper and greater graphics, creating the potential for future apps to be optimized in order to take full advantage of the A6X processor’s ability. Although externally little change has been made, internally the 4th generation iPad has been tweaked and improved to maintain its position at the top of the tablet market.

Unique to all Apple products is the ever-increasing content available from Apple. Both theiTunes Store and App Store have numerous apps, films, music, TV programmes and books ready to download for your entertainment. Unlike other mobile platforms, all of the available content is reviewed by Apple and guarded against malware, preventing any security risks or threats to your device.

Through Apple’s iCloud, backing up your content has never been easier. From your photos and music, to your contacts and calendars, the iCloud stores and backs up your data for you using your different devices. This feature as well as improving your security can ensure you keep up to date wherever you may go.