Internet TV

Previously people who wanted a better choice of channels on their television would look into purchasing a contract from a digital service provider. However, in recent years internet television has emerged as an attractive and cheaper alternative for those who want to get more out of their television.

Using your internet connection, internet TV services allow you to stream shows and films whenever you want and in the comfort of your own home. In general internet television can be broken down into two categories: on demand services and digital media players, each of which have their respective pros and cons.

On Demand TV


Using your broadband, On Demand TV allows you to stream shows and films to your television or even your smart device. In the UK there are a number of providers that allow you to do this legally for free, such as BBC’s iPlayer, however, in order to get a superior range of viewing options many people choose to take out a subscription to an on demand service such as Netflix or Blinkbox. In general these subscriptions are significantly cheaper than purchasing a digital TV service, making On Demand an attractive option for those who are on a budget.

Provider Promotions Payment
Netflix 30 day free trial Monthly subscription
Blinkbox Free credit Pay per item
Amazon Prime Instant Video (formerly Lovefilm) 30 day free trial Annual Fee (includes subscription to Amazon Prime 1 day delivery)


Digital Media Players

While On Demand TV is a less tangible service, digital media players are physical objects that users plug into their television in order to stream variety of online content, such as videos from YouTube, free internet television providers and paid On Demand services. In most case these products can be acquired for a one off fee or some digital TV providers such as BT and Virgin Media provide them for free as part of their digital TV service.

Google Chromecastchrome cast
• Compact design
• Can control TV via smart devices
• Suitable for HD
Roku Mediastreamerroku mediastreamer
• Several models available
• More than 500 channels
• Can control TV via smart devices
Apple TVapple tv
• Minimalist design
• 1080 HD
• Can control TV via AirPlay
Panasonic Mediaplayerpanasonic media player
• Elegant design
• 3D support
• Can access social media
Now TVnow tv
• Simple set up
• Download apps
• 6 month Sky pass
WD TVwd tv
• Two models
• HD 1080p resolution
• Built in Wi-Fi
• Control TV using smart devices
• HD 1080p resolution
• Built in IR blaster
• Easy to set up
• Quirky design
• Use smart device as remote
• Exclusive to Virgin Media
• Slim design
• HD