Ever since the release of Apple’s first iPad back in 2010, tablet PCs have been taking the technology world by storm. We have seen a range of tablets produced by popular technology manufacturers, such as Samsung and Windows, hit the shelves and even online shopping giant Amazon has released a successful line of tablets. Now high-street supermarket Tesco has caught on to the tablet trend and released its very own tablet, Hudl.

Unlike other tablet manufacturers who target their tablets towards technology enthusiasts, Tesco has made a conscientious effort to create a tablet that is geared towards families. Indeed, not only is the device incredibly easy to use as it has a helpful Getting Started app that talks users through all the tablet’s features and how to make the most of them, but the Hudl has excellent parental controls to help parents make sure that their children stay safe online. In addition, the Hudl is equipped with a scratch resistant and smudge proof screen, making it suitable for younger children and clumsy adults alike!

The Hudl is perfect for multimedia as the device sports a 7 inch screen with excellent a 1440 x 900 HD display. Or, if you want to watch something on a larger screen, you can easily hook up the Hudl to you television using a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable. Equipped with an impressive Quad-core processor and 1GB RAM, the Hudl is a speedy device, making it perfect for playing games on.

In addition, while the Hudl comes with a standard 16GB of memory, the device has a microSD slot. This means that you can expand the Hudl’s memory up 48GB, so you store all your family’s favourite games, pictures and music on the tablet.

The Tesco Hudl runs on the popular Android operating system. This not only make sit incredibly simple to use as the Android OS is specifically designed for touchscreen devices, but it also means that you can take advantage of all the great games and apps available from the Google Play Store. With over 1 million apps to choose from, there is something keep the whole family entertained.

With all these brilliant features, you may expect the Hudl to come with a hefty price tag. However, like their supermarket prices, Tesco have priced the Hudl fairly. Costing just £119, the Hudl is certainly one of the cheapest tablets available on the market. In addition, if you have a Tesco Club Card, you can bag the Hudl at the bargain price of £60 worth of Club Card points.

Tesco’s cheap and cheerful tablet comes in a choice of 4 colours: red, purple, blue and grey.