htc-oneReplacing the great, yet commercially unsuccessful HTC One X, the HTC One was HTC’s flagship smartphone for 2013. As there is tough competition in the smartphone market, especially for Android smartphones, HTC had to make a conscientious effort to make the HTC One stand out from the crowd. Indeed, by placing an emphasis on unique software and design, HTC managed to create a successful smartphone that went on to win a number of awards in 2013 and is still a much sought-after device today.

Visually, the HTC One has a pleasing design as it is both simple and sophisticated. The phone has a full metal body and seamless construction. While the phone is incredibly slim, this build makes the device substantial and durable.

The HTC One is powered by a 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor and has a generous 2GB of RAM. While this processor is a little out-dated now, it is still speedy and responsive. Unfortunately, the device does not have the option for additional storage which means that many users will have to think carefully about memory size when they purchase the phone or look into what cloud storage options are available. Nevertheless, the device is available in a 32 GB and 64 GB model, both of which will offer plenty of room for most users to store all of their favourite apps, films, music and photos.

In order to differentiate their smartphone from the others on the Android operating system, the HTC One comes with HTC Blinkfeed. HTC Blinkfeed is a highly customisable news aggregator which allows users to display all of their favourite news and social media feeds on their home screen, a bit like Windows 8’s Live Tiles. Content is regularly updated throughout the day and allows users to stay up-to-date.

The HTC One’s 4MP camera may seem small in comparison with the larger megapixel cameras found in most top-range smartphones, however, HTC prove in the device that image quality should not be determined by megapixels alone. Using innovative Ultrapixel technology, the smaller sensor allows excellent pictures to be taken very quickly, making it the perfect device for taking pictures on the go. In addition to the typical camera features, HTC have thrown in some inventive extras such as 360 degree panorama, object removal and face scrubbing. The object removal is pretty useful as it prevents great photos being ruined by passers-by.

Another great feature that you will find on the HTC One is HTC Zoe which brings your photos to life. By activating HTC Zoe mode when shooting a photograph, the phone records 0.6 second of HD video before you press the shutter and three seconds after the button has been pressed. After selecting a theme, the program then compiles a short video by using geo-tagging or date which can then be set to music. As well as automatically generating a video, HTC Zoe is fully customisable, so if you want to create a personal video, you are free to do so. Once you have put your video together, it can be easily shared via email and social media.