The HTC One S is a high-end smartphone that was released by HTC back in 2012. Despite, being more than a year old, the HTC One S is still a highly desirable phone and is now available at some fantastic prices.

One of the best things about the HTC One S is its design. It is HTC’s slimmest smartphone to date as the device clocks in at just 7.8mm thick. Despite its relative slimness, it the phone is reassuringly sturdy and feels solid in your hand. In addition, the HTC One S is available in a choice of two finishes: a matte black ceramic finish and a shiny, anodised, metal finish which features a low-key gradient design. The manufacturer claims that the black ceramic finishing is the more durable of the two designs at it is five times tougher the anodised metal casing.

One of the most hyped features of the smartphone is its camera and quite rightly so. The smartphone sports an 8MP rear camera and has a range of features to help you take both excellent quality and creative photos. Such photography features include being able to take a photo whilst simultaneously shooting a video, panorama mode and a group portrait mode that ensures the perfect group photo every time.

Music-lovers will be pleased to know that the HTC One S has some the best speakers around. Thanks to HTC’s partnership with audio company Beats, the device is equipped with Beats Audio speakers which produce great sound quality for a more immersive experience. However, unfortunately, the earphones that you receive with the phone are HTC’s generic earphones and do not deliver the best audio.

Frustratingly, the phone does not come with a microSD slot which means that the amount you can store on the device is somewhat limited. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be too much of a deterrent as the device comes with a generous 16GB of in-built storage which is more than enough for storing some of the favourite games, music and photos on the phone. In addition, be sure to take advantage of the HTC One S’s free two years of 25GB Dropbox cloud storage.

The HTC One S runs on Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and is overlaid with the HTC Sense 4.0 interface. The interface is a quite a big step up from the previous Sense 3 as this new interface allows for more customisable menus and allows for a customisable launch bar where you can store up to four of your apps or programs.