HTC One Mini


HTC’s latest Android smartphone is the HTC One Mini. This phone incorporates a lot of the features seen in the award-winning HTC One, but embodies them a more compact design that is designed for single-hand usage.

The HTC One Mini has BlinkFeed on its home screen. BlinkFeed keeps you up-to-date with all you favourite social media networks, news, blogs and more by publishing feeds on your home screen that update automatically. In addition, BlinkFeed merges information from your apps such as Facebook events and TV show reminders to produce a helpful schedule so you won’t miss a thing!

Although only a small cellphone, the HTC One Mini is capable of producing big sounds. The HTC One Mini offers unrivalled speaker quality as it boasts two front speakers and Beats Audio built-in amps.

As well as producing great sounds, HTC’s new smartphone is also an excellent listener as it has two built-in microphones which can distinguish your voice from background noise and amplify it. This greatly improves call clarity, especially if you need to make a call in noisy environment.

The HTC One Mini’s gallery application, HTC Zoe, brings your photos to life by creating a stunning, half-minute long video of an event that you can then easily share with your friends and family. No need to worry about your editing skills, the software does it all for you. All you need to do is decide what music you want to set your video to.

The HTC One Mini runs on Android, an operating system developed by Google that is used on a range of smartphones and tablet devices. The popularity of Android operating system owes much to the fact that Android is designed specifically for devices with a touch display and the Android Market boasts around 975,000 apps. It is easy to see why a number of the top smartphone manufacturers are using this operating system!