HP Spectre 13 x2 Hybrid Ultrabook


Attempting to close the gap between tablets, ultrabooks and laptops, HP has innovatively designed the first fan-less and vent-less convertible hybrid. Maintaining the style of a regular ultrabook, the slick and lightweight (only weighing around

4.5lbs) Hp Spectre 13 x2 Hybrid is an attractive computing device that through its detachable screen benefits from a multi-purpose use as a tablet, suiting to your every need. With its added portability, the Spectre 13 x2 can double up as an on-the-go entertainment device through its gaming apps and movie and music playback. Yet, the hybrid device has the ability to also act as a fixed work station due to its use of OS Windows 8.1 and its favoured Microsoft Office software. Unique to the Spectre 13 x2 is its extra wide touch pad designed for the Windows 8.1 system, allowing users to use gestures instead of physically touching the screen to interact with and navigate the user interface. Other features include Beats Audio speakers and a HD screen that uses IPS technology.

A stand out feature of this new model is its colour scheme, steering away from typical computing designs, the aesthetically attractive hybrid features a two-tone ‘Truffle and Champagne’ colour scheme; just another factor pushing the Hp Spectre 13 x2 out in front of the rest.



Windows 8


13.3 inch touchscreen


1080p HD resolution






Core i3 / Core i5 CPU