Home Cinema Systems

There is a tendency with modern television manufacturers to compromise sound quality in favour of a slimmer, more compact design. As a result, many film enthusiasts purchase home cinema systems to help emulate the atmosphere and immersive experience of watching a film in the cinema.


Samsung’s sound bar and wireless subwoofer package uses Bluetooth so that you can enjoy high-quality 2.1 surround sound wirelessly. In addition, the slim, modern style of the home theatre system is designed to discreetly sit on the television shelf without taking up too much room. Combines, the subwoofer and soundbar are capable of producing 280 watts of detailed, high-quality sound, allowing for a more immersive music and film experience. In addition, there are a number of easy to switch pre-set modes that are tailored to enhance specific scenarios such as sports, music and drama.

SAMSUNG HT-F5550 5.1 Blu-ray Home cinema system

Combining online connectivity, cinematic playback quality and big sound, Samsung’s HT-F5550 5.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema System offers excellent home entertainment. Once you connect the Blu-ray player to your Wi-Fi system you can access popular catch-up television services on your television, such as iPlayer and 4oD. The home cinema’s impressive sound system is capable of providing 1000 watts of high-quality surround sound for a truly cinema-style film experience. As well as delivering first-class audio, the HT-F5550 5.1 also delivers formidable visual play back as it supports Full HD and 3D.

LG BH9540TW 9.1 Smart 3D Blu-ray Home cinema system

New for 2014, LG’s BH9540TW 9.1 Smart 3D Blu-ray Home cinema system is a very impressive package indeed. Capable of upgrading regular DVDs to Full HD and transforming standard 2D films into immersive 3D ones, this home system provides an outstanding viewing experience. It has equally impressive sound powers as the system boasts 9.1 channels which have a formidable output of 1460 W of sound. The wireless speakers allow for more convenient and discreet placement throughout the room. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity further increase the amount of content that you can view on your TV. Indeed, you can catch up with all you favourite shows and media on BBC iPlayer and Channel 4’s 4oD.


Frequently scoring 4.5 and 5 stars on product reviews, the Sonos Playbar Wireless soundbar is certainly a sought after device. This slim and stylish soundbar neatly fits on your television stand and when turned on it instantly fills the room with the same kind of high-quality audio you would expect from a nine-piece home cinema system. True to their music roots, Sonos’s Playbar keeps the music-lover in mind as it can stream music wirelessly from both your personal library and online music services like Spotify.