Google Nexus 7

The new and updated Nexus 7 by Google is slimmer and sleeker than before, with improved features ready to rival that of its tablet competitors. Its improved smooth design is equipped with a striking screen resolution (323ppi – a higher pixel density than any other tablet on the market) fantastic for reading books or streaming videos and films as well as a newly added rear facing camera.

The improved display is enough alone to push the Nexus 7 ahead of its many competitors. Razor sharp, the screen’s resolution rivals that of the iPad, harbouring a considerably greater pixel density. As a result text is displayed with greater clarity, images are projected with an incredible crispness and gaming graphics are intensified, making your viewing experience

extremely enjoyable. Lighter than ever, the new Nexus 7 is great for comfortable, handheld portability and with a long lasting battery it is a great choice to keep you entertained whilst on the move. With access to the well stocked Android Play Store and App Market, there is a plethora of entertaining apps available for Nexus 7 users to download.

This premium update to the Nexus range has created a new and improved tablet with a desirable spec, competitive edge and great value for money. Dubbed the leading 7 inch tablet on the market, there is yet to be a better alternative.

In true Nexus tradition the new 7 model has been released alongside the updated android operating system (Jelly Bean v4.3) so Nexus 7 purchasers will also benefit from the improved android features. Like Apple, Android regularly releases software updates and provides a wide variety of apps to be purchased or downloaded from its own Android App Market. As an open source to use, many manufacturers are now opting for android operating systems and modifying it to suit their products,  so the system can look quite different between different products and brands.