Dual-SIM Phones


As its name suggests, a dual-SIM phone is a mobile which can hold two SIM cards. In recent years these phones are becoming more popular. This is primarily because they allow users to use the same phone for personal use and business but have separate bills. This is more convenient than having to carry around two separate phones. Dual-SIM phones are also a great option for those who travel abroad a lot as it allows them to have a SIM card for use in the UK and a second one for the country that they are travelling to.

Types of Dual-SIM Phones

When comparing the different types of dual-SIM phones out there, you will notice that there are three main types: traditional, active and standby. Each type of phone has its own advantages and features which need to be taken into consideration.

Traditional dual-SIM phones need the owner to switch manually between the two cards. These are the most popular type of dual-SIM phone at the moment. This is mainly because they are the cheapest and the most widely available type.

Active dual-SIM phones have two processors which control each SIM card. This means that both SIM cards can be used simultaneously.

Standby dual-SIM phones keep both SIM-cards active while in standby mode. However, the owner receives a call on SIM 1, SIM 2 will not be able to receive any calls throughout the durations.

Things to Take into Consideration

The first thing that you really need to think about is whether it is essential that you can use both SIM cards at the same time. If it is not essential, for example, you are only using one SIM card when abroad, you can save yourself a lot of money by opting for a traditional dual-SIM phone.

Next you will need to look carefully at the battery life of a number of models. As dual-SIM phones need to power two networks simultaneously, they are more power-hungry so make sure you choose a phone that is efficient and has a large battery.

As with any regular phone, you will also need to think about the features that you would like your phone to have. For example, what operating system would you prefer? If you are unsure which operating system is best for you, try out a number of sample handsets in your local phone store.