Curved Televisions

curved television

One of the latest trends in the television industry is curved televisions. Last year, tech giants Samsung and LG brought out their first curved televisions which used OLED screen technology: Samsung OLED Curved TV and Curved LG OLED TV. Curved televisions have become a topic of controversy in technology circles as some people see the benefits that a concave screen can bring about and others dismiss it as nothing more than a gimmick.

The Benefits of a Curved Television

When looking at a curved television, one of the first things that people notice is that the screen gives a greater sense of depth. This owes much to the fact that curved edges which improve the viewers’ visual perception and enhance the contrast of images on the screen.

It has been commented that the concave design of curved television allows for a more immersive television experience as the curves of the television envelope you into the action on the screen.

Another popular argument for the promotion of curved televisions is that they have a uniform viewing distance. The argument presented by the manufacturers is that curve makes it comfortable to watch the television from both close up and a far.

The Arguments against Curved Televisions

While all televisions with a reflective surface can disrupt your viewing experience, reflections are exaggerated on curved televisions and can be more disruptive. This means that you might have to invest in extra lighting precautions to prevent it.

Another disadvantage of curved televisions is that in order to effective they often come in large screen sizes. This means that they take up a lot of room which can be a problem if you are tight for space. In addition, larger screen sizes in conjunction with the expensive technology that powers these screens makes curved televisions very expensive to buy. This puts them out of the reach for many consumers.

Another issue of curved televisions is that although they are slim and there are wall mounts available that cater for their curvature, they look quite awkward on a wall as the edges stick out.

Latest Curved Televisions

Currently, there are three companies that have broken into the curved television market: Sony, Samsung and LG. Most of their curved televisions are massive such as 65” Samsung HU8500. However, there are some smaller models such as the 55” Sony KDL-65S990A.

Samsung have recently announced that they are going to launch the world’s first curved television with UHD quality screens in their HU7250 range. One of these televisions will be 55” and the other 65”. Like the other televisions in this range, these upcoming curved televisions will feature UHD Up-scaling which means that any video content that is not in 4K quality will be upgraded.