lg tvLG tvThe Curved OLED TV is the latest release from the successful Korean technology company, LG. This new television has won a number of awards already for both its energy efficiency and its overall brilliance.

One of the first questions that you might yourself asking is ‘what is the point of a curved screen?’. LG explain that a curved screen offers a superior viewing experience, especially in widescreen models, as it ensures that you eyes are an equal distance from all part of the screen. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in whatever you are watching.

The LG Curved OLED television takes slim to a new extreme. Due to the omission of a back-light in OLED screen technology, LG have managed to make their impressive TV less than half a centimetre thick and incredibly light. Indeed, the 55″ television weighs a mere 37.92 lbs. That’s pretty impressive given that a 50″ LG plasma TV weighs 52.9 lbs!

It is also possible to watch your favourite shows and films in 3D and as the Curved LG OLED television comes with 4 sets of lightweight 3D glasses so you can start watching in 3D right away. In addition to watching 3D shows and films, the Curved LG OLED TV can convert 2D content into 3D so you’ll never run out of 3D content to watch!

As well as an amazing viewing experience, the Curved LG OLED TV has a number of unique features that really makes it stand out form the crowd. This includes Voice Mate, which allows you to use your voice to control the television.

In addition, the curved LG OLED TV is classed as a ‘smart television’ which means that, using a Wi-Fi connection, you can access internet applications such as Skype, NetFlix and YouTube- this means that your even more choice of what to watch!


Dimensions 48.31 x 31.44 x 7.56 inches
Display 1920 x 1080
Screen Size
55 inches (54.6 diagonal)
Weight 61.29 lbs
Speaker System
TV: 3 way, 6 speakers; Base: 1 way, 2 speakers
Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labour
Accessories 4 lightweight 3D glasses
1 Magic remote
1 standard remote