CRM Software

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management Software, is a type of enterprise software that is designed to help a business manage its relationships with clients. This helpful software is often scalable and can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. Some of the features of CRM software include the following:

Managing contacts: this not only includes managing contact details for clients, but you can also keep track of what sales have passed through that person and what marketing efforts they have received.

Keep track of activities: CRM software can help you keep track of the business’s interactions with its clients.

Dashboard: perhaps the most useful feature of any CRM system is the dashboard. This gives you a quick overview of everything that is happening and a checklist of all the tasks that need to be completed.

Choosing a CRM system

As with any important business purchase, it important that you have a clear idea of what you want before beginning your search. Make a list of all the features that you require your ideal CRM system to perform.

There are numerous providers of CRM software out there. Although it may be tempting to go for a cheaper, lesser known manufacturer, in actuality, you are better off opting for well-known software provider with a long track-record. Also, be sure to check up on reviews and testimonials from customers. These will give you a greater insight into the level of technical assistance and customer service that the CRM software company provides.

Quiz your sales advisor about the scalability of the CRM software. Some CRM software is specifically designed for smaller businesses and does not work as well with higher usage. To prepare for the future and save yourself the hassle of changing software in a few years’ time, always go for the scalable option.

Security is paramount when choosing CRM software as you will be storing lots of sensitive and important information on the system. Be sure to ask where the data is stored and find out what recovery and backup facilities the company has in place.

Top UK CRM Software

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM software is tailored to meet the needs of sales and marketing departments. Microsoft has two CRM packages: Professional and Enterprise. The Professional CRM software is great for sales as it has helpful workflow, marketing and reporting applications. This software costs £42.40 per user, per month. The Enterprise CRM package is designed for service and marketing professionals as its applications have a focus on customer care, case management and brand management. The Enterprise CRM software from Microsoft Dynamics is priced at £130.40 per user, per month.


Salesforce is the market leader in CRM. They have an impressive suite of CRM packages to suit every need. The most basic Salesforce package is the ‘Contact Manager’ package which is just £3 a month and has planning, tracking and contact applications to support up to 5 users. Their most popular package is the ‘Enterprise’ package which features API for web integration, app development and comprehensive sales tracking. This package costs £85 per month.