Contract Mobile Phones

Whether your current mobile phone contract has come to an end or you are looking to upgrade your current mobile phone, the chances are that you have already considered purchasing a contract mobile phone. A contract mobile phone deal gives you monthly allowance and a brand new phone for a monthly fee.

The Advantages of Mobile Phone Contracts

One of the great things about mobile phone contracts is that they are the cheapest way to get your hands on a new smartphone. This is because when you buy through a contract, the phone is either free or incredibly subsidized.

If you use a lot of data, texts and minutes, a phone with an allowance contract is significantly cheaper than a pay as you go phone.
Contract mobile phones are more reliable than pay as you go phones as even if you exceed you allowance, you will not be cut off. Instead, the extra usage will be added to your bill at the end of the month. Usually, you are charged at standard pay as you go rates for anything you use outside the limits of your contract.

If you like to stay up to date with the latest technology, a good mobile phone contract can allow you to upgrade your mobile phone every year.

Things to look out for

It is also important that you take into account how long the contract is. Unlike pay as you go phones, which permit you to switch providers if you find a better deal advertised elsewhere, you are tied into a contract for as long as 24 months. While it is often possible to terminate you contract early, virtually all network providers will charge you a termination fee. Generally, the longer the contract is, the cheaper your monthly premiums will be.

Before you start comparing the various contract phone deals out there, the best thing to do is work out the amount of data, texts and minutes you use. Also, be sure to have an idea of what kind of phone you are after. This will make it easier to find the deal which works out best for you.

While most networks sport nationwide coverage, if you live in a rural area or one which is notorious for poor signal, it is important that you check up on coverage beforehand. Most networks have a postcode search form on their websites which can tell you if there is coverage in your area.

If your current mobile phone contract is coming to an end, talk to your current provider about what deals they have for loyal customers. Sometimes companies reward their customers with special offers or free delivery for your new handset.

Top Contract Mobile Phone Providers in the UK

ee EE is a great choice for those who are keen to purchase a smartphone with a 4G contract. EE have an excellent selection of smartphones to choose from, which ranges from budget 4G ready phones through to the latest high-end offerings from the likes of Samsung and Apple.
O2 Logo 2 O2 is a great provider of contract phones as they have a range of phones and deals to suit every wallet and preference. If you like to stay up to date with the latest technology, O2 may just be the provider for you! With O2 refresh you can upgrade your mobile phone before the contract ends just so long as you’ve paid of the phone plan part of the contract. O2 also give their mobile phone customer priority when booking tickets for gigs and events by granting them ticket access before official release.
orange Orange is often a popular choice for individuals in the UK who are looking for a contract mobile phone. They have a range of 3G and 4G contracts to choose as well as an excellent selection of smartphones. In addition, one of the great things about Orange is the bonuses that they give their customers, such as discount cinema tickets.