Cloud Computing

As opposed to storing applications and files on your machine’s hard drive, cloud computing allows you to make use of these programs and documents over the internet.

The Advantages of Cloud Computing

First and foremost, as all applications and information are stored on the internet, it can be accessed anywhere from any device. This is incredibly convenient as it allows employees to be able to work from anywhere.

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Cloud computing solutions have also increased opportunities for collaboration by sharing documents and working together on group documents. This can boost productivity and the success of team projects.

Another great feature of cloud computing is that many cloud-based programs and applications work on a pay-as-you-go system, saving you from capital expenditure. This absence of capital expenditure makes cloud computing solutions popular with businesses and startups as it means lower barriers to entry.

Cloud computing also promotes greater security through online back up. This means that should a laptop become lost or broken, the data is recoverable.

Cloud computing is also better for the environment. Indeed, a recent study has reveals that cloud computing uses 30% less energy than using onsite server.

Types of Cloud Computing

There are a whole range of cloud computing products out there. The list below highlights and details some of the most popular products on the market.

Email: although many businesses have their own server which handles their emails. There are a range of cloud email alternatives which can be used to look after emails.

Back up: one of the most popular types of cloud computing is online backup and storage. This service allows you to save a copy of your important documents or the whole hard drive online. This means that your files are safe should anything untoward happen to your laptop or computer.

Programs: there are a number of companies that allow you to subscribe to cloud-based versions of their software. One example is Adobe Creative Cloud that grants individuals and businesses access to online editions of their suite of design programs.