Cleaning Up in Style with a Smart Vacuum Cleaner

There are many household chores which we would rather not perform.  One of these is naturally cleaning the floors.  We can all recall those days of dragging around an unwieldy vacuum cleaner from room to room, struggling with its cord and have great difficulty accessing hard-to-reach areas.  All of these frustrations have now been eliminated thanks to the emergence of what is commonly referred to as a smart vacuum cleaner.  You may have heard of the term “smart Hoover” in the past and it is important to point out that Hoover is merely a brand name; there are literally dozens of different manufacturers on the market.  Let us take a closer look at how these unique mechanisms function.

The Bag-Less Advantage

The first aspect which the majority of smart vacuum cleaners have in common is that they are no longer equipped with standard bags.  This is beneficial for a number of reasons.  First, they tend to be much more sanitary.   As no bags need to be replaced, the entire amount of time required to clean a room is also reduced.  The exclusion of bags likewise takes much of the proverbial leg work out of disposing of contents after the job is completed.

Space-Sensing Technology

A specific category of smart vacuums uses what is known as geospatial technology in order to sense its location within a room (think of the Roomba Robot Vacuum as an example here).  In other words, you simply set it and forget it.  Once the unit is activated, it will clean an entire room without the need for any type of supervision.  This is a great way to save time if you find yourself negotiating a tight schedule.  However, the one thing to keep in mind is that these variants can be a bit more expensive than manually controlled vacuums.

Internal Monitoring Capabilities

One of the drawbacks of traditional vacuum cleaners was that by the time they required maintenance, they may very well have been too late to save from the garbage pile.  Smart technologies will now alert the user to common conditions such as a clogged filter, an imbalanced wheel or a loose fan belt.  So, such problems are able to be addressed before they adversely affect the entire unit.  There are even instances when a smartphone app is used as the actual alert system; enabling you to service the vacuum well in advance.  Still, their construction is quite robust and it is rare that they will encounter major problems.

Numerous Adjustments

Depending upon the surface that requires cleaning, the height of the vacuum and its associated brushes will need to be adjusted.  This involved more guesswork than anything else in the past and as a result, floors may not have been adequately cleaned.  Now, smart technology allows you to input the type of surface to be cleaned and the vacuum will adjust itself automatically.  This is excellent for those who have mobility issues or who have been looking to enjoy a deep cleaning edge. All input methods are controlled from a centralized platform and these methods are highly intuitive.  So, the learning curve is dramatically reduced (if not eliminated altogether).

Finally, we should note the lightweight and energy-conserving benefits associated with the modern smart vacuum cleaner.  In terms of convenience, accuracy and sheer power, these units cannot be overlooked.  Much like any other purchase, it is nonetheless important to closely compare the prices between different models as well as what amenities are associated with each.  With the proper amount of research, you will be able to find the most appropriate smart vacuum for your discrete needs.