Canon Cinema EOS Cameras

When it comes to selecting a camcorder, be it your first device or an upgrade on your current model, Canon is often a popular choice. One of the great things about Canon is that they have a number of camcorder ranges that are tailored to meet the needs and budgets of different user types. For ultimate freedom, those who are serious about recording opt for a device from the Canon EOS camcorder range as these devices have multiple mounts and the widest selection of lenses.

Canon EOS C300


The Canon EOS C300 was the first camera released in Canon’s Cinema EOS range. The device is a cutting-edge cine camera that is geared towards professional use. This makes it ideal for documentary and movie filming. The device sports a sensitive 8.3MP Super 35mm CMOS sensor, allowing you to shoot video in stunning Full HD. In addition, Canon has commented that this set-up makes the C300 better in poorly lit conditions than other professional camcorders on the market. The device is available in two mount versions: EF and PL. the EF mount is compatible with all of Canon’s EF lenses, including their new range of cinema lenses. On the other hand, the PL mount edition of the device works alongside Canon’s Cinema lenses and a broad range of third-party optics.

Canon EOS C100


The Canon EOS C100 is Canon’s entry-level cinema camera and is geared towards those who need a device for shooting high-end wedding or corporate video. Unlike other devices in the Cinema EOS range, the EOS C100 is only available in a EF mount edition, meaning that the device is only compatible with other lenses made by Canon. The device sports an excellent 8.3MP sensor for stunning Full HD imaging. The EOS C100 also has a number of useful auto features for optimising video recording such as one-touch auto iris and automatic white balance. The Canon EOS C100 also has professional standard Dolby AC3 audio recording complete with stereo microphone and 2 XLR inputs.

Canon EOS 1DC


The Canon EOS 1DC is the most advance DSLR camera that the company has ever made as it shines in both taking stills and shooting video. The 18.1MP sensor allows you to take stunning photographs and the 24fps 8bit 4.2.2 MJPEG recording capabilities of the camera allows you to shoot Ultra High Definition 4K video. This dual proficiency, in conjunction with the compact design of the device, makes the Canon EOS 1DC great for journalists. The device also has a number of advanced options for video as it boasts both clean HDMI output and built-in Canon Log Gamma.