Business Servers

A business server is an important piece of equipment that allows computers within a business to communicate with each other more efficiently. Such communications include sharing files, sending emails, accessing shared databases and using shared printers.

Before you start searching for a server to aid your business, it is important that you think about what you would use the server for; this will prevent you from buying an inadequate server or paying for more than what you need.

Business Servers for Small Businesses

If you have found your small office expanding, the chances are you have considered getting a business server to boost efficiency. There are plenty of durable, entry-level servers out there. When looking for a basic server for your small business, it is worth prioritizing disk storage over processor and RAM. In terms of RAM, anything over 2GB should be adequate. As for the processor, choose a server with reputable multi-core processor, such as AMD A or Intel Core.

Types of Business Server

Business servers come in a variety of designs and sizes according to what processes they need to perform. The three most popular server designs that you will come across are tower servers, rack servers and blade servers.

Tower Servers: these servers are ideal for smaller offices (25 employees or less) as they are multi-functional and avoid all the hassle involved with installing a rack. In addition, tower servers are easy to upgrade and expand as your business grows.

Rack Servers: these servers are best suited to medium size businesses. These space-saving servers are designed to be placed in a bay so you can sack various components on top of each other. Rack servers are incredibly expandable, making them a great investment for the future.

Blade Servers: these servers are the perfect option for those who are looking for a flexible, compact server solution. Blade servers are the most recent type of server and sport a slim compact design. The blade servers slide into a special chassis where they can share hardware with other blade servers; this makes them both space and energy efficient.