Business Phone Contracts

Although some business owners may think that they can get by using a regular domestic landline for their business, the chances are that they will be better off opting for a business phone contract instead. While using a landline may seem easier, especially if you run a small business, a separate landline can work out cheaper. In addition, a different number for your personal landline and the business will make your company more professional. The following guide outlines the factors that need to be taken into account when choosing what business phone contract you should purchase.

Choosing the Best Business Phone Contract

Consider what sort of numbers your business usually calls. Do you often call foreign numbers or do you only call locally? Choose a package which incorporates the calls that you frequently make. VOiP technology may be a more economical option if you make lots of international calls.

Take advantage of price comparison sites. These sites allow you to quickly compare the features and prices of a range of business phone packages in an instant. This not only save you time, but it can also save you money by highlighting deals that you may have been previously unaware of.

Always read the details of the contract. Knowing what you are getting into before signing a phone contract will save you from any nasty surprises later on. Be clear on how long the contract is and find out if there are penalties if you decide to terminate the contract early.

Read up on customer reviews. Although sometimes overlooked, quality of service is a very important factor when deciding which business phone service you want to use. Find out how reliable their lines are and how good their technical support is.

Comparison of Top Business Phone Providers

Provider Package Features Monthly Price
BT Standard 500 mins £18.00
BT Critical 500 mins
Priority Customer Care
TalkTalk Business Phone Anytime £18.00
TalkTalk Line Rental Only Pay as You Go £18.00