Broadband Packages 2021

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Most providers of broadband in the UK offer broadband packages deals. These deals allow you to couple the cost of broadband with landline and/or digital TV subscription. This not only makes these packages more convenient when paying the bills, but it can also work out more economical than buying these services from different providers.

Types of Broadband Connection

When looking at broadband deals you will find that there are two main types of broadband connection:

  • ADSL: short for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. This type of broadband connection is widely available across the UK and works by attaching a microfiltre to your landline.
  • Cable Broadband: Cable or Fibre Optic Broadband delivers internet access by transmitting light through a fibre optic cable. The nature of the cable makes it faster and more reliable than the copper wires used to supply ADSL internet. However, cable broadband tends to be limited to only urban areas in the UK.

The advantages of broadband packages

For many, the most attractive feature of broadband packages is that they often work out cheaper than purchasing your services from different providers. In addition, in many cases providers offer discounts in proportion to how many services that you purchase from them.

In some cases, those who purchase all landline, digital TV and broadband services from one provider may also be eligible for extra bonuses from the company, such as a greater selection of channels or even discount mobile phone contracts.

Some broadband companies offer voucher rewards to new broadband package customers.

Buying a broadband package is a more convenient method of managing your utilities.

Things to look out for

Evaluating your usage is the first thing that you should do prior to comparing the various broadband package deals available. Think about what internet speed you require and other features that you would want your ideal package to deliver. For example, is it important that you have low international calls?

Take advantage of price comparison websites. These allow you to quickly and conveniently compare the different deals available from different providers. This will save you a lot of time and may highlight deals that you would not have been able to find by yourself.

Look out for incentives. Some packages offer discounted introductory rates, while other offer incentives in the form of digital set-top boxes or vouchers. Be sure to take advantage of these bonuses!

You will also need to think about how long you would like your contract to be. While a two-year contract may seem like a good idea now, you may find it difficult to get out the contract a year down the line if another provider is offering a better deal. Indeed, many providers impose hefty early termination fees.

While broadband packages work out best in most circumstances, if you are someone who uses your laptop whilst on the go, you may find it more practical to purchase mobile broadband.