Bose Speakers: A Closer Look

Bose has been a company synonymous with quality audio products for some time now.  In particular, their proprietary line of speakers is very popular with audiophiles and anyone who wishes to enjoy crisp playback.  This company also makes use of modern technology such as Bluetooth services and wireless capabilities in order to make the listening experience even more streamlined than ever before.  While their range of speakers is impressive and varied, it is still a good idea to take a look at their most popular categories as well as the benefits (and a few potential drawbacks) that the user can expect.

Bose Speakers: A General Overview

Many of these speakers are intended for high-end users and their price tags tend to match such specific tastes.  Still, unsurpassed audio quality is guaranteed with these choices.  One interesting innovation that was invented by Bose is known as Waveguide Speaker Technology.  These systems are compact and portable; able to fit into nearly any room imaginable.  However, they will emit crystal-clear sound with an excellent dynamic range.  The majority of these units are now completely wireless, so installation and activation will take only a matter of minutes.

Home Theatre Systems

Bose is also known for its wide array of quality home theatre systems.  Their designs are quite unobtrusive, so they will not impede with comfort levels.  Bose produces unique “sound bars” which can be placed under furniture, televisions and other units; offering a three-dimensional audio experience.  Many systems are equipped with up to five individual speakers.  These can be mounted anywhere in a room (or even in different rooms); a massive benefit when watching an engrossing film or listening to HD music.  There is also a wide range of speakers which can plug directly into most modern televisions.  Other accessories include (but are not limited to) mounting brackets, stand-alone speaker stands and even portable PA systems for business requirements.

Wireless Speakers

While Bose is known to specialise in high-end home entertainment products, users will be just as happy to learn that there are a number of smaller speakers to choose from.  These are likewise equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology and they can be connect directly to a home computer network so that live audio is able to be streamed from common sites such as YouTube.  The Bluetooth system can be employed to connect to an existing smartphone; a great option when out and about or when heading off to a party.

Computer and General Purpose Speakers

This line of speakers is simple and elegant while they still exhibit the power that Bose has become famous for over the years.  Both wired and wireless versions are available depending upon the needs of the user.  As should be expected, these units can be found in a wide range of styles, tones and design options.  Bookshelf and even ceiling versions are also available.  Outdoor variants and units designed for wet environments (such as on a boat) can all be chosen.  Prices will vary, but users can normally expect to pay well into the hundreds of dollars for most products offered by Bose

The Final Verdict

There is no doubting the quality of speakers offered by Bose.  As they provide such a dynamic range, there are few requirements which will not be satisfied.  Still, the only drawback is associated with the price of such options.  Some units can cost well into the thousands of dollars; financially prohibitive for many.  We should also note that these speaker systems are not generally meant to take any abuse.  So, homes with children might not be the best locations.  Bose is nonetheless a leader in the product of HD speakers and speaker accessories.