Blackberry Z30

blackberry-z302The Blackberry Z30 is the latest release from Blackberry and it certainly has a lot to get excited about. Unlike the Blackberry Q10 that was also released this year, the Blackberry Q10 does not sport a QWERTY keyboard, but rather a large multi-touch screen.

The Blackberry Z30 is the company’s largest smartphone to date as it boasts a 5 inch display. While this screen size is not as large as some of the Blackberry Z30’s competitors, this screen size balances a better viewing experience with portability.

The new Blackberry Z30 runs on the new Blackberry 10 operating system out the box. BBM is greatly improved on the new operating system as it allows you to not only communicate to contacts who also have a Blackberry, but also those who have phones running on another operating system. The Blackberry Z30 is equipped with Blackberry Balance technology. This allows you to effectively create two home screens, one profile for all your personal data like social media applications and your favourite games, and another profile for your professional apps you use at work, like Documents To Go.

Blackberry has also made a number of smaller improvements to the new Blackberry Z30 that will greatly improve your smartphone experience. These changes include improved audio as Blackberry’s Natural Sound technology makes video calls sound more realistic. In addition, Blackberry have improved connective by using a new optimized antenna.

A common fault with smartphones is that they have poor battery life, especially if like to take advantage of all the applications and features they have to offer. However, Blackberry has picked up on this and has made a genuine endeavour to make sure that the Blackberry Z30 has a good battery life. The Blackberry z30 is equipped with Blackberry’s largest battery to date, which boasts 25 hours of mixed usage. This means you can use your phone all day without worrying about recharging it for the evening!