Asus ChromeBook C202 Review


While perhaps not best suited for those who are graphical designers or who require top-notch performance characteristics, the Asus ChromeBook C202 is ideal for students or those who may just be entering into the world of laptop computers.  A durable build, an ergonomic keyboard and an impressively long battery life are a few of the most notable benefits associated with this model.  What are some of the other characteristics to note and why could this unit be an ideal option?

A Robust Build

One of the first features that many users will note is that the Asus ChromeBook is considerably thicker and heavier when compared to laptops of similar dimensions.  This could make it a perfect alternative for those who expect to use it in demanding environments (such as while at university or even on the job site).  Weighing in at a full 2.6 pounds, some may feel that it could be a difficult to transport from place to place.  However, this is ultimately up to personal preference.  Indeed, a thickness of almost 18 millimetres further reinforces the sense of stability that this model offers.  We should note that the ChromeBook also claims to be highly resistant to water.

The Display

Despite such a rugged nature, users can expect an extremely detailed display of 1366 x 768 pixels.  At 11.6 inches, the screen is adequate for most viewing needs.  However, there have been some who claim that the colours do not display as well as they should.  The ChromeBook brightness is not as sufficient as when compared to other models of a similar price, so it might not be the best choice if you plan on performing a good deal of outdoor viewing.

Performance and Battery Life

This unit contains an Intel Celeron N3060 processor alongside 4 gigabytes of RAM.  It is therefore no secret that the ChromeBook is not necessarily known as offering top-end performance characteristics.  However, it should be just fine for everyday tasks, watching movies, typing papers and downloading videos.  The only issue could be when the CPU is running multiple tasks at the same time; users may note a slight lag.

One area in which the ChromeBook is quite superior is in reference to its battery life.   Able to consistently run while connected to the wireless Internet, this model lasted an impressive 8 hours and 23 minutes.  This is a much higher score than many of the top-end models on today’s market.  Once again, this makes the ChromeBook C202 a great option for those who are out and about on a regular basis.

The Verdict

The C202 can represent a “bare bones” option in terms of design and functionality.  As it is considerably more robust than other brands, it could be a wise choice for students as well as business professionals.   On a final note and at the time that this article was written, the price was agreeable; starting at approximately $220 dollars.  Those on a budget will likewise be impressed.