An iPhone X Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

Many consumers had been eagerly anticipating the release of the vaunted iPhone X and once again, it seems that Apple has not disappointed.  All fanfare aside, how does this phone shape up against its contemporaries?  What are its most significant qualities and are there any potential drawbacks associated with this model?  As the phone is quite pricey, it is a good idea to examine these questions in a bit more detail.

All About Screen Size

The first thing that users will likely note is the truly massive screen that stands at no less than 5.8 inches.  As if this were not enough, Apple seems to have jumped on board with the trend to eliminate bezels from its edges.  This has provided a clean and crisp look and perhaps most importantly, the iPhone X has taken on a rather new physical design when compared to its predecessors.  Many have also been curious to learn about the resolution of this phone; particularly due to the fact that rivals such as Samsung have made some considerable leaps.  This new model offers 2436 x 1125 resolution; perfectly capable of handling the needs of UHD and 4K videos.  A decent contrast ratio and an OLED display further round out these benefits.


Many feel that the iPhone X boasts the best design within the entire Apple franchise.  One interesting observation is that the back is made entirely of glass as opposed to aluminium or composite materials.  Although this might not feel as “rugged” as some other models, it is still sufficient.  The overall weight of the phone has also been reduced.  Curved edges which easily blend into the glass have likewise provided the unit with what can only be called an entirely futuristic appeal.  The only potential downside to this model is that its size almost places it into the phablet category.  There can be times when one-handed operations prove to be slightly challenging.

Processing Power

As this phone has only just been released, the verdict is still up in the air in regards to its processing power.  Still, users can remain fairly confident that the addition of the A11 Bionic chipset will be able to handle even the most robust of requirements.  Another benefit in regards to this upgrade is that the phone is associated with a longer battery life.  While it is able to support rapid charging, a separate accessory will need to be purchased.

Potential Drawbacks?

The first potential issue is the fact that the iPhone X will cost over 1,000 pounds; not exactly ideal for those on a budget.  Secondly, there may be some issues with its facial recognition software.  Although developers claim that the glitch during the demonstration was a one-time affair, we have yet to see if this is actually the case.

Overall, the iPhone X could very well serve to revolutionise the smartphone market.  Thanks to a larger screen, a sexy build and increased processing power, this phone will make waves for months into the future.