Amazon Kindle Oasis Review


If you’ve ever used a Kindle before, you are already aware of how easy and comfortable these devices are to work with.  Serving as the flagship for the electronic line of Amazon, this well-known gadget has been popular for the last few years.  One of the reasons behind this appeal is that each version tends to be massively upgraded from previous models while still offering up the same familiarity that made Kindle such a popular choice to begin with.  These are the very same qualities which can be seen in the Kindle Oasis.  So, what is the same and what has slightly improved?

Reliable Metrics

Much like the Kindles in the past, the Oasis boasts a six-inch black-and-white screen that provides 300 dots per inch.  Of course, there are several benefits to such an apparent simplicity in design.  It is incredibly easy to read and many users swear by the fact that the display looks very much like physical print.  Kindles are all know to be quite useful in bright sunlight and for times when you may be in the dark, the backlighting can be adjusted to your preference.  Once again, it is possible and store and access thousands of books with the Oasis.

Minor Adjustments for Major Differences

There are still a few points worth noting when taking a look at this newer model.  Users will immediately see that one end of the Oasis is wider and more rounded.  This is aimed to aid in easier manipulation when reading.  This is also where the battery is located.  Some of the functions which can be accessed via the larger side include flipping to the previous page or the next page.  If you hold the fatter side with the opposite hand, the image itself will flip 180 degrees.

Another point that should definitely not be understated is that the Kindle Oasis is noticeably smaller than previous versions.  So, it is easier to manipulate and it can fit into areas such as pockets and knapsacks.  On a final note, the Oasis comes with a complimentary leather carrying case that can completely fold over the unit when it is not in use; protecting the screen.  At a weight of only 4.6 ounces (in comparison to previous versions which weighed as much as 7.2 ounces), the Oasis packs quite a punch for such a humble device.

The ultimate conclusion is that the Kindle Oasis gives its users everything they need and nothing that they do not.  Thanks to a slimmer and more lightweight design alongside trusted Amazon craftsmanship, readers will be quite happy with the functionality of this unit.  It will be very interesting to see what the next upgrade has in store, for the features on the Oasis appear very hard to top.