Alcatel OneTouch Pop Fit Soon to be Released

Alcatel Phone

While it seems smartphone manufacturers are making larger phones ever year, Alcatel’s upcoming device seems to go against this trend. The Alcatel OneTouch Pop Fit is the latest release from Alcatel and was uncovered the week before the Mobile World Conference 2014. As the ‘Fit’ in the device’s rather cumbersome name suggests, the Alcatel OneTouch Pop Fit is a small-size ‘wearable’ smartphone that is geared towards fitness fanatics.


One of the most striking things about the Alcatel OneTouch Pop Fit is its size. Clocking in at a mere 2.8 inches and weighing just over 75g, this is definitely one of the smallest smartphones around and certainly promotes it as a wearable device.

The smartphone is constructed from shiny plastic and is available in a number of vibrant hues including: fuchsia, red, yellow and cyan. In terms of design, perhaps the most interesting feature of the Alcatel OneTouch Pro Fit is the range of accessories that accompany it. The device comes with an almost transparent flip design case which has three buttons on it that are dedicated to controlling the music your listening too—perfect if you are someone who uses your smartphone as your primary music player. In addition, there is a sturdy armband case so that you can wear the miniature smartphone whilst exercising.

Smartphone Technology

It’s clear the Alcatel are hoping that purchasers of the Alcatel OneTouch Pop Fit will use their little smartphone as their main portable music player as the device is equipped with either 16GB or 32GB of internal memory. This impressive memory certainly makes it a threat to some of the small popular MP3 players around at the moment.

The device is powered by a dual-core processing unit, which although it isn’t the most powerful processor out there, it is more than enough power for this relatively simple device to run smoothly. On the rear of the smartphone there is a 2MP camera, which is clearly nothing to write home about, but should be adequate for taking a few quick snaps when out and about.

The Alcatel OneTouch Pop Fit comes with a neat little fitness app called RunKeeper. RunKeeper tracks how far you’ve run or how much exercise you’ve done, making it great for those whose New Year’s Resolution was to get into shape this 2014.

Release Date and Pricing

The Alcatel OneTouch Pop Fit is set to be available in Europe from May 2014 and when it reaches the UK the device is expected to cost £73.