A Review of the iPad Mini 4


Will we soon see a return to the market for smaller and thinner tablets?  If the iPad Mini 4 has anything to say about it, such a concept could very well become a reality. A sleek design alongside a robust library of applications and an excellent LCD display are some of the core features which have allowed this model to be a favourite of many technology enthusiasts.  While certain aspects such as a less-than-perfect processor could be slightly off-putting, the fact of the matter is that the Mini 4 boasts some very interesting qualities.


Muck like the other products offered by Apple, the Mini 4 is quite similar in appearance and feel to the Mini 3 and other predecessors.  Curved corners, a sleek design and a ceramic backing are all still present.  However, a weight of 299 grams is much less than the 331 grams associated with the Mini 3.  Transportation and handling will therefore be noticeably easier.  The only other difference is that the silencer switch is no longer physically present.  Instead, it can be found within the control centre of the main page.  The Mini 4 is also quite durable and robust thanks to its aluminium casing.  So, the occasional bump or bruise should not present too much of an issue.

Display and Applications

This model offers a 7.9-inch display and a resolution of 2048×1536.  The main advantage here is that a higher pixel count and a smaller screen offer the user brilliant levels of clarity.  An anti-reflective screen coating enables the Mini 4 to be used within conditions that could otherwise be difficult with similar models.

Most of the familiar applications are contained here; all laid out in a clear and concise manner.  If you are already familiar with the Mini series produced by Apple, you should have no problem picking up where you left off.


While the display and feel of the Mini 4 are impressive, there may be a bit left to be desired in terms of performance.  This unit contains an Apple A8 chip; primarily designed for use within the iPhone 6.  The only difference is that 2 gigabytes of RAM are offered.  These characteristics enable the Mini 4 to be comparable in terms of performance to the HTC A9.  This should not be too much of a problem at the present.  The only issue can be when more applications and software packages are introduced.  Will these affect the rather mediocre computing capacity of the Mini 4?

The iOS 9 operating system is used; enabling all normal applications to run much as you would expect.  A few advancements are a split-screen option and the ability to re-size an existing window when watching media or playing games.  Although these may not sound overly impressive, it is often the little things which can make the biggest of differences.

Overall, the iPad Mini 4 is an excellent choice for anyone who is a fan of Apple devices and has become familiar with their reliability.  As the unit is priced at approximately £500 pounds, it is not likely to be a strain upon most budgets.