A Review of the Apple iPhone SE


They often say that the bets things come in smaller packages and the iPhone SE is a perfect example of this maxim.  Boasting much of the functionality that the iPhone series has become known for, this diminutive powerhouse is certainly a force to be reckoned with.  Perfect for those who may have just entered into the smartphone market and well suited for those with smaller hands, the SE is definitely worth a closer look.

Design Basics

One thing that users will enjoy is that the SE can very much be considered the “little brother” to the normal iPhone 6 and previous models.  It boasts the same feel and the same functional layout.  The only main difference is that its 4-inch screen is a notable departure from the larger displays associated with equally larger phones.  Having said this, we can view the SE as an iPhone 6 masquerading in the body of an iPhone 5.  A durable screen, easy-to-use buttons and a familiar sense of navigation are some of the major selling points of this unique model.  The only physical downside to this phone is that the size of this screen may be a bit too small for those who enjoy playing games or who require it to read complex documents.

Battery Life and Performance

We can assume that the gurus at Apple put a great deal of importance on the battery life of this unit.  Boasting more than 8 hours of continuous use even when memory-exhausting programs are running, users can expect a reliability that was previously only reserved to the iPhone 6 and 5 models.

Performance is another key factor.  The SE is equipped with a modern A9 chipset and no less than 2 gigabytes of RAM.  This will enable all systems to run smoothly and the dreaded screen freezes can normally be all but avoided entirely.  When we keep in mind that the price of the phone is $399 dollars (at the time of this article), consumers are getting big bargains in a very small package.


Many feel that the camera equipped for the SE is comparable to that supplied with the 6.  In fact, there may be a slight advantage here.  As the Se is slightly thicker, the annoying presence of a camera “nub” has been eliminated.  While this does not affect functionality, some users felt that the streamlined feel of the 6 was slightly reduced. This is not the case with the SE.  Pictures are clear and sharp; even in low-light conditions.  Let’s also recall that this model is able to record video in 4K resolution.  There is very little dragging or delays when shooting.  Still, the smoothness of the video is still not as profound when compared to the iPhone 6 (for obvious processing reasons).

The verdict is clear.  The iPhone SE is an excellent phone for anyone who is looking for robust processing power without having to deal with a larger model.  As it is offered at an agreeable price tag, those on tight budgets will be pleasantly surprised.