A Quick Look at the Sony Xperia X


Although Sony may be a well-known brand in the world of technology, the newly released Xperia X has taken somewhat of a beating in terms of analysts and users alike.  While the phone in and of itself is not necessarily poor in terms of design and functionality, little seems to have changed in reference to previous models such as the Z3+ and the M5.  This has disappointed a number of consumers but before we judge too harshly, let’s take a look at some of the features that Sony has incorporated into the X series.

Design Characteristics

The Xperia X appears to be quit similar to its predecessors.  While this may not be a bad thing, the fact of the matter is that many consumers tend to be looking for more of a streamlined edge (such as can be seen in models produced by Apple and Samsung).  The one major difference is that the Xperia X boasts a brushed aluminium backing.  This is important in terms of cleanliness and an overall uniform appearance.  Unfortunately, this is ultimately where the appeal ends.  The fingerprint scanner is less than fully responsive and even the volume switch is found in an awkward position at the bottom of the device; difficult to reach. A final issue is that unlike other versions, the Xperia X is not resistant to water.


The display is nominal in terms of appearance and functionality.  Boasting 1920×1080 resolution, it is crisp and sufficient for those who are not looking for high-end definition.  As it is 5 inches in total, users should not be disappointed.  Although not the best for media, games and photos will appear nearly perfect.


The Xperia X is equipped with the Snapdragon 650 CPU.  This is slightly odd considering that the 820 series is thought to be the preferred version.  The biggest issue here is that the 650 is only slightly better in terms of computing power than the 617 model.  This makes us wonder why the Xperia X is priced at £386 pounds while the Moto G4 (a similar model) is only £169 pounds.  3 gigabytes of RAM and an additional 32 gigabytes of storage space are thought to be adequate, but by no means are these anything out of the ordinary.  This CPU is sufficient for browsing the web or checking social media, but memory-laden applications could cause the unit to become sluggish at times.

The verdict is that the Xperia X is a bit of a let-down; especially when we consider how much it costs in relation to similar models put forth by its competitors.  Still, it is an adequate phone for those who are searching for nominal functionality and are not concerned with price.