A Quick Look at the Samsung UE65KS9000 Television


Although priced upwards of £3,000 pounds, the Panasonic UE65KS9000 4K television is worth every pence.  Boasting what many consider to be the best HDR and highly intuitive features, this Samsung model could very well be the top pick of 2016 for anyone who desires true high-definition viewing enjoyment.  Although a screen of 55 inches may be slightly smaller than some of the other models available, the fact of the matter is that the stunning picture quality more than makes up for such a forgivable shortcoming.  Let’s take a look at some of the features which serve to define this model.

True HDR

While many televisions claim to support “true” HDR; many will inevitably disappoint.  This cannot be said in terms of the Samsung variant.  In fact, it is recommended that you subscribe to Amazon Prime or Netflix to appreciate the extent of the clarity.  Incredible levels of clarity and the stunning use of colour through what is known as Quantum Dot technology have both contributed to the appeal of this display.  What is even more unbelievable is that this screen in slightly curved and yet does not suffer from the blurriness often associated with this design.  Whether you hope to watch your favourite movie in high-definition splendour or you desire to get an up-close-and-personal view of the latest football match, this Samsung television will leave you wanting more.

The Smart Edge

As should be expected, this model is packed full of ultra-smart features which make viewing simple and pleasant.  Streamlined remote controls and even a built-in touchpad are two user-oriented options which are standard.  In terms of the television  itself, catch-up options as well as live streaming capabilities are only two of the choices that customers will have.  Setting up the system and calibration have been simplified thanks to helpful walkthroughs and naturally, all of these features can be adjusted when desired.  Common apps include Netflix and Amazon Prime although others can be downloaded as required.

Things to Keep in Mind

One issue that some have observed is that while the curved screen boasts an anti-reflective coating to reduce blurriness when viewed from the side, there is little difference in terms of viewing quality otherwise.  Another potential drawback which is surprising is that this unit does not support 3D viewing (a rather shocking oversight when we consider the other amenities that are provided).  Finally, a very high price tag could signify that this television is out of the range of most buyers.

Our Verdict

In terms of sheer viewing pleasure, the Samsung UE65KS9000 scores five out of five.  With excellent resolution and a very user-friendly operating system, we could say that it offers the best of both worlds.  Notwithstanding a lack of 3D-compatible technology and a potentially redundant curved screen, this model is definitely at the top of many lists.  If you desire a top-of-the-line television for 2016 and beyond, this choice is definitely worth a closer look.