A Quick Look at the Samsung Note 10 and Note 10 Plus

Samsung has been making waves within  the smart phone community for a number of years and their recent introduction of the Note 10 series is certainly no exception.  In fact, some experts are beginning to believe that this Korean conglomerate will soon give Apple a run for its money.  Let’s therefore take a look at some of the defining characteristics of the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.

What are the Main Differences?

It is first important to highlight some of the main differences between these two models.  While both offer super AMOLED displays, the Note 10 Plus boasts Quad HD resolution; ideal if you are looking to enjoy some of the sharpest images currently on the market.  Furthermore, the Note 10 Plus offers a massive 6.8-inch screen while the Note 10 is equipped with a respectable 6.3 inches.  This has enabled the Note 10 Plus to represent the largest smartphone on the market today.  Finally, the Note 10 boasts 8 gigabytes of RAM while the Plus edition supplies a massive 12 gigabytes of memory.  This actually makes a great deal of sense, as such high resolutions will need to be supported with an operating system that can deal with incredibly dense packets of data.

What are the Similarities?

There are likewise numerous similarities between these two models.  Both share the same streamlined Samsung design that has become associated with the entire Note series.  Each of these models is likewise equipped with a 45-watt charger although the battery capacities in regards to operating life are said to be nearly identical.  Both offer triple rear cameras with 12 megapixels of resolution as well as an ultra-wide camera of 16 megapixels to be used for panoramic shots.  Some of the other features which these two variants share in common include:

– The inclusion of the Samsung S-Pen

– A front camera

– A built-in fingerprint sensor

– The software bundles are identical

A glass-and-metal body, nearly invisible bezels and an overall smooth exterior are likewise present in both models.  In fact, the only noticeable difference at first glance is the slightly larger frame of the Note 10 Plus. 

The Bottom Line

Samsung seems to have outdone itself in terms of functionality and sheer physical beauty attributed to both of these models.  Of course, you can expect to pay slightly more for the Note 10 Plus due to its larger size and enhanced resolution.  This iteration could be a great addition if you plan on using the phone to view media content.  However, the standard Note 10 is just as capable in regards to representing one of the top smartphones available on the market today. We could very well witness a time when Samsung gives Apple a true run for its money.