A Quick Look at the Samsung Galaxy S8


Much like the vaunted iPhone 8, many of us are waiting to see what the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will offer once it is finally released.  Considering that this brand is seen as being the only currently viable rival to Apple, we should only expect that major improvements will be taking place.  Let’s also not forget about the massive debacle involving S7 models which would explode on occasion.  Samsung has much to prove, so their new variant has better live up to expectations.  While we already know that it will debut on March 29th, what are some other reasonable predictions that we can make in advance of its release?

Enhanced AI Systems

Mobile phone artificial intelligence has been a game changer in recent years, so this first prediction was a long time coming.  The Galaxy S8 will employ an AI system known as Bixby.  This is much more than a voice assistant alone, for it is said that Bixby can perform other tasks such as identifying landmarks and even translate text through images alone.  It will initially be available in English and Korean although it is certain that other languages will follow.  Bixby will also be further integrated into other Samsung systems into the future.

Better Safe Than Sorry?

Samsung received a massive amount of bad press when the S7 ran into overheating problems.  So, it appears as if the company executives will institute a three-month return policy in event that any issues plague the S8.  When we consider that the industry average is approximately two weeks, this is indeed generous.  Or, perhaps they have not yet found the root cause of the problem?

Better Camera

It is though that the S8 camera will be able to capture videos associated with up to 1000 fps.  This will be excellent for slow motion shots and should such a rumor prove true, the camera will be light years ahead of its rivals (the 7S camera has speeds of 120 fps).  It is also thought that there will be two front-facing camera apertures; one for selfies and another for iris scans.  This is similar to both the iPhone 7 and the Huawei P9.

Outer Design

We should not expect a drastic departure in terms of ergonomics, as consumers were generally happy in regards to the overall feel of the phone.  A slight increase in weight may be in the works; particularly if two cameras are incorporated.  However, the major change-up may be in the choice of case colors.  Recent reports hint that three of these tones are dubbed Arctic Silver, Orchid Grey and Black Sky.  Gold and blue are likely to make a return as well.

Screen Size

Bigger may be better in terms of display sizes, for analysts believe that there will be two different choices.  The standard S8 may offer a 5.8-inch scree and the S8 Edge could boost these dimensions up to 6.2 inches.  However, we have to wonder how such increases will affect the physical footprint of the phones themselves.  A reduced bezel to accommodate for larger sizes may cause the home button to be included as a virtual icon or potentially even moved to the rear of the device.  It appears as if we will have to wait until March 29th to learn more.

Other metrics such as processing power and battery life are still in their speculative stages, so we have only mentioned variables here which seem to me more fact than fiction.  As the release of the Galaxy S8 is just around the corner, the wait will soon be over.  Can Samsung overcome the bad publicity from its previous model?  The answer to this question is not far off.