A Quick Look at the Huawei Mate 9


The Chinese Manufacturer Huawei has been enjoying a larger market share in terms of smartphones in recent times, and for good reason.  When we consider the recent “crash and burn” events such as those associated the Samsung Galaxy 7, it is clear that consumers might be looking for an additional alternative to other brands such as Windows and Apple.  One such example can be seen in the New Huawei Mate 9.  Is this a viable option, what features does it have and are there any notable benefits or drawbacks?

Basic Features: Bigger is Better

There are some consumers who believe that bigger is better in terms of the size of their phone.  In this case, there is no doubt that the 5.9-inch screen associated with the Mate 9 is a perfect option.  This is a particularly great option for those looking to watch videos and play games without the hassle of dealing with a tiny screen.  This is also great for reading text as well as playing games.  Although the phone is noticeably larger than its contemporaries, this is not necessarily a bad thing for some consumers.

Other physical features to not in regards to the handset include an infrared transceiver, a USB port and a dual-SIM MicroSD port on the left-hand side of the device.  The edges are slightly curved; providing for a rather streamlined appeal that is not altogether dissimilar from the recent iPhone.

The Display

Due to the sheer size of the 5.9-inch display, it only makes sense to take a more in-depth look at the resolution and benefits involved.  It can be argued that the two main qualities of the screen can be defined as “big” and “bright”.  So, you will not be disappointed in regards to the amount of colours available.  This can be a benefit if you hope to use the phone within low-light conditions.

However, the main issue that some have brought up is that the screen lacks the levels of HD resolution often witnessed in its more advanced contemporaries.  We should keep in mind that both the Google Pixel XL and the LG V20 include this type of built-in resolution.  The main issue is that this would not be so important if it were not for the truly massive screen size.  In a way, Huawei may have handicapped themselves with such a large (and noticeable) issue.

Processing Power and Usability

The Mate 9 offers about what we would expect from an up-and-coming smartphone company.  However, there is still an ample amount of memory and the processing power itself is able to handle most applications without any lag time.  In fact, many users have noted quite fact connectivity speeds; an issue that has often plagued similar models in the past.

Functionality once again rates a rather “middle of the road” impression from customers.  The main point to keep in mind is that the larger screen size enables users to easily manipulate icons and applications.    A dual main camera, a fingerprint scanner and an overall sleek appearance signify that most customers will not be overly disappointed with what the Mate 9 has in store.

The Verdict

In all honesty, those who are not looking to sacrifice quality or functionality might be better off choosing high-end models such as the iPhone 7.  However, the Mate 9 is an excellent choice for anyone who may be looking for a more cost-effective option.  A handful of benefits include:

  • A 5.9-inch display.
  • A streamlined design
  • Ample processing power.

Some notable drawbacks include:

  • The lack of a high-definition display.
  • Not as fast as some high-end brands in terms of CPU speed.