A Quick Look at the Apple Watch Series 5

Apple watches have become some of the most popular gadgets on the market.  In fact, many industry experts will rightfully observe that Apple is the true father of the entire sector.  It therefore stands to reason that developers wish to remain one step ahead of the curve.  What does the Series 5 watch have in store?  Will it stack up to previous versions and what are some of the most unique features that fans of this genre will appreciate.  Whether you are considering a first-time purchase or an upgrade, the information found below will come in handy.

All About the Display

One of the most interesting features associated with the series 5 is the fact that its display is always lit.  While this might not sound like that big of a deal, it is very convenient in terms of hands-off convenience when you wish to note the time or other pertinent elements.  When the display is inactive for a set period of time (determined by the user), it will dim.  However, the details can still be read.  This small change has made a big impression upon Apple customers. 

Out and About

One of the main purposes of any smart watch is to provide you with detailed and relevant information while out and about.  This is why the built-in compass associated with the 5 Series is quite impressive.  Still, this is only the beginning. The compass is compatible with third-party APIs, so it is quite versatile in regards to how it can be used. Whether searching for a parking spot before a concert or hiking in the woods, the intuitive nature of the compass cannot be taken for granted. 

What About the Battery Life?  

This is arguably one of the only sticking points associated with the 5 Series.  At an approximately battery life of 14 hours, it will need to be charged on a nightly basis.  You might believe that this is the result of its always-on display that was mentioned earlier.  However, more memory-laden applications such as built-in Siri functionality and wireless connectivity are more to blame.  Although this iteration will not last as long as previous versions, the fact of the matter is that this drawback can normally be overlooked when we consider the other amenities that are in store. 

A Host of Apps

While this watch is still intended to be used as a fitness companion, the presence of other handy applications such as a calculator, a program that measures decibel levels and a direct connection to the Apple Store are all welcome improvements.  These are in addition to existing options such as apps designed to track distance, measure your heart rate and monitor your sleeping habits.  All in all, the Series 5 is chock full of impressive options.  

Notwithstanding the slight drawback in terms of battery life, the chances are high that you will simply love what the Apple Series 5 has in store.  As always, feel free to perform your own research if required.