A Look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If there are three words which can be used to describe the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, they are premium, powerful and pricey.  It is no secret that Samsung has been in competition with its rival Apple for some time and some believe that this new model is sent to directly mirror a handful of the features expected to be seen in the upcoming release of the next line of iPhones.  Let’s take a look at what users can expect with this new version as well as some of the features which will serve to define this cutting-edge model.

A Question of the Battery

Samsung suffered a rather large and embarrassing black eye with buyers learned of the danger associated with batteries geared towards the S7 phones.  It is therefore no surprise that this was one of the major upgrades in regards to the S8.  An eight-point safety check is now performed on all phones before they are released.  One drawback to this is that the power capacity of the batteries themselves has been slightly downgraded to 3,300 mAh.  However, a smaller battery also equates to a lighter overall phone; a welcome change for some consumers.

Camera Power

Samsung appreciates the ubiquitous selfie trend and this has not been lost within the design of the Galaxy S8.  This model now boasts a dual camera feature found on its back.  The reason that two cameras are important is that they will be able to provide more in-depth photos when compared to previous models.  When this is combined with the ability to take high-resolution pictures with the click of a button, image enthusiasts and the general public alike will be quite impressed.

Screen Resolution and Size

We really should not be surprised that Samsung continues to embrace the “bigger is better” concept when referring to screen sizes.  Thanks to a 6.3-inch touch screen, watching videos and surfing the Internet has never been easier.  The addition of an OLED configuration signifies that the phone can also support 4K videos; a trend that is not likely to slow down anytime soon.


One of the drawbacks that some consumers have pointed out is the location of the fingerprint reader.  It has been placed to the side of the dual-facing rear cameras.  This can feel a bit off-centred and downright inconvenient for those who are using the phone with one hand.  This is in direct contrast to all other brands which have placed the reader in the centre of the unit.

All in all, the Galaxy S8 is a step up from the S7 even if some feel that it is not a truly revolutionary design.  The big question is whether or not users will experience any issues with the battery.  Assuming that Samsung has addressed this issue, the S8 will likely be a popular model for fans of this company.