A Look at the iPhone 11

It seems as if only yesterday we were introduced to the iPhone X and yet, the iPhone 11 is already making waves within the technological community.  This is due in large part to the fact that major firms such as Xiaomi and Samsung seem to be giving Apple a run for its money.  So, it only makes sense that offering new models to the general public is an excellent way to keep one step ahead of the game.  What do we know so far about the iPhone 11 and what features are predicted to have an impact upon fans of this flagship series?

Camera Advancements

One of the most notable improvements involves the configuration of the rear-facing cameras on the iPhone 11.  Past models were equipped with a wide and a telephoto lens.  However, this model is slated to offer a wide and ultra-wide variant. This was actually a surprise to many analysts, as the ultra-wide lens gives users the ability to zoom in on images immediately after a photo is taken without losing appreciable resolution. It is also thought that a proprietary low-light improvement will be offered in this new model, so taking pictures in the evening should be as simple as pointing and clicking.


One of the hallmarks of Apple since the release of their first iPhone in 2007 is that the design of the models rarely deviate; enhancing brand identity.  The same holds true in regards to the iPhone 11.  Six colours are available and Apple has also included an anodised aluminium finish. Experts claim that this variant is much more durable than past versions.  Besides the presence of the ultra-wide rear camera, it appears that very little has changed in terms of the overall design of the iPhone 11.

Performance and Processing Power

There is no doubt that Apple needs to keep up with its closest rivals.  This is particularly true in regards to performance.  The prevalence of Snapdragon-powered systems such as those associated with Android have led the developers at Apple to introduce their new A13 Bionic chipset. They state that this is the most powerful CPU to date and it should impress the majority of consumers.  It is also worth mentioning that the iPhone 11 series is said to boast battery times one hour longer than the iPhone XS; an impressive feature when we consider that the processor has been upgraded.

When we then take into account the presence of a high-resolution OLED display and improved haptic touch features, the 11 series should indeed make waves within the smartphone community.  However, some past Apple iterations have tended to fall upon deaf ears in the past.  This is why it will be quite interesting to see the reception that this latest version receives over time.  Still, those who are fans of the iPhone should be pleasantly surprised with what is in store.