A look at the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

Google is certainly one for fanfare and as their new flagship Pixel 6 is set to be released on 19 October, rumours have already been swirling. While the exact specifications are yet to be revealed, this new line is already expected to take the entire Pixel series to the next level. Let’s take a look at what users can expect from the Pixel 6 as well as the Pixel 6 Pro.

Display and Overall Design

Both models seem to exhibit a slight departure from the norm in terms of visual design. Perhaps the most striking quality is the presence of rear-facing camera bar as opposed to the circular configuration that we have become accustomed to. A bezel-free front face as well as the presence of a centre hole slightly mirrors the aesthetics associated with the Galaxy Note. 

In terms of the display, the designers at Google have remained rather silent. It is still thought that the Pixel 6 will boast a 6.4-inch screen while the Pixel Pro will offer a size of 6.7 inches. The Pixel 6 employs FHD OLED technology and the Pro series is equipped with QHD+ OLED resolution. Gamers and fans of high-definition videos will likewise be pleased to learn that refresh rates of 120 Hz are provided. IP68 water protection is offered and Gorilla Glass is included within both packages. 


One issue which has garnered particular attention involves the type of processor that will be employed within the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. Most users have already become accustomed to the Snapdragon series (such as the vaunted Qualcomm Snapdragon 888). However, Google has been thinking outside of the box and experts claim that they have created their very own chipset. Known as the Google Tensor, a heavy focus has bee placed upon AI as well as customisation options. As this processor is quite revolutionary, it is a wise bet that Google will providing updates for years to come. We can only hope that no bugs are encountered upon its release. The Pixel and Pixel 6 are both paired with the Android 12 OS.

Battery power is another factor to mention. Google is know as providing some of the most robust batteries on the market and this new iteration should prove to be no different. It is thought that the Pixel 6 will offer 4,616 mAh of power while the Pro is paired with 5,000 mAh. Wireless charging is likewise available. Perhaps the only potential drawback is (according to rumours) that users will have to purchase a new hard-wired charger. 


Both models will provide users with a triple camera configuration (a wide lens, an ultra-wide lens and a telephoto lens). However, the main camera is said to offer 50 megapixels of resolution; a clear indication that Google has placed more focus upon its cameras when compared to previous Pixel models. Other amenities include a 20x digital zoom and a 4x optical zoom. New software innovations such as an anti-facial blur system and a so-called magic eraser should likewise debut with this series. We can therefore assume that the associated software has undergone a significant renovation. 

A Groundbreaking Series?

There is no doubt that Google is feeling the heat from other firms such as Samsung and Apple. So, it only stands to reason that their designers have placed a great deal of thought into the Pixel series. The only question remaining involves whether or not the new chipset will stand up to its expectations. Either way, it is a safe bet that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will leave lasting impressions when they come to the marketplace.