A Look at the Galaxy Tab S4

2018 should prove to be an interesting year in terms of wireless gadgets and mobile technology.  This observation is particularly relevant in terms of the ongoing rivalry between Samsung and Apple.  One of the most highly anticipated items soon to hit the markets is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.  What do we know so far?  What can users expect and will this tablet help to revolutionise the industry as a whole?

Fact and Rumour

One of the most important things to mention is that until its unveiling at the 2018 Mobile World congress, even the experts can only speculate on what we might see.  Having said this, there are a few takeaway points which seem to represent near certainties.

Price is obviously an issue for many consumers and it should be mentioned that the S4 is not likely to be very cheap.  Considering that its predecessor cost approximately 600 pounds, we should expect this updated model to fetch closer to 700 in regards to the recommended retail price.

While things are relatively quiet (considering that this tablet is not expected to be launched until autumn 2018, many believe that its screen will feature an Infinity display which is able to support HDR video playback.  This will be a notable improvement from the previous version if it comes to pass.  It also stands to reason, as the Galaxy S8 and the Note 8 are both equipped with this technology.

In terms of aspect ratio, the same 18:5:9 seen on the Galaxy S8 (and predicted on the S9) should be present.  This will then be combined with miniscule top and bottom bezels; the trend of an all-frontal screen continues to remain quite popular.  Some predict that the size of the screen will be increase from 9.7 inches to 10.5 inches.  This makes sense, as Samsung will be trying to rival the iPad.


One of the biggest selling points associated with any Samsung device has been its processing power.  While there were rumours circulating that the S4 would employ the Snapdragon 845 processor, it now appears to be more likely that it will instead adopt the Snapdragon 835.  However, there will still be 4 gigabytes of RAM available as well as an additional 64 gigabytes worth of storage.  It is also assumed that support for the MicroSD card will remain unchanged.  Due to performance efficiency, it is not likely that the battery will be upgraded.  It will instead remain at 6,000 mAh (as in the previous version).

Applications and Functionality

It is likely that the S-Pen associated with the Galaxy Note 8 will be incorporated into this version as will the Live Message application.  This app is able to convert units and currencies while offering real-time translation features in no fewer than 71 languages.  This should definitely appeal to those who are planning to utilise the S4 for business requirements.

Remaining Questions

The two big questions in regards to the S4 is whether or not it will offer IP68 waterproofing and if it will be equipped with any type of wireless charging capabilities.  We would like to see both of these as new additions, however we should also remember that their inclusion would naturally increase the price tag.  As the release date draws nearer, it will be interesting to see what rumours will be confirmed by Samsung as well as what additional details emerge along the way.  Regardless of the outcome, fans of this groundbreaking company should not be disappointed.