A Look at the Dell Precision 7710


Although Dell has not been a company which has enjoyed the computing limelight during recent times, their developers have nonetheless been working on a few innovative products.  One example can be seen in the Precision 7710 Workstation.  Not only has an entirely new frame been adopted, but better graphics, more user-friendly interfaces and a display with a higher resolution are some other metrics worth noting.  Let’s take a look at what the 7710 series has in store.


The 7710 possesses an Intel Xeon E3-1535M 2.9-gigahertz processor.  This is a significant step up from previous models.  Users can expect little (if any) lag times and the ability to handle demanding uploads and downloads with ease.  Anyone who is not a particular fan of Windows 10 will be quite pleased to learn that the 7710 offers both Windows 7 and Windows 64-Bit as versions to select. Another feature is that this model can be configured to the needs of the user.  This is not at all uncommon with robust workstations.  When access to RAM is crucial, this is a useful bonus.


Like previous Dell workstations, the 7710 line offers an extremely robust (if not slightly lighter) design.  The casing is a bit slimmer although the palm rests are predictably stiff and the keyboard is firmly fastened into the chassis.  Still, let’s always remember that Dell workstations tend to be on the heavy side.  At a weight of 3.58 kilogrammes, toting the unit from place to place could be a bit tricky.  This is considered to be a necessary sacrifice when compared to the overall functionality of the unit itself.


The standard display offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.  Should you opt for the high-resolution alternative, it can be supplied for an additional £250 pounds.  We should note here that with such a large screen, this option could present some scaling problems such as displaying Windows 7 icons correctly.  The ultra-high resolution version is primarily for those who enjoy watching movies or require extremely detailed graphics.

The Dell 7710 Workstation is indeed a solid investment for those who are looking for a model that is nearly at the top of its game.  It only makes sense that the manufacturers have gone out of their way to supply such a unit, for a price of just under £2,900 pounds is quite sizeable.  Ideal for work-related tasks as well as for programs that require a strong processor this unit is a great option.  A screen of 17 inches is one of the largest in the industry and along with the other upgrades that we have mentioned, there is little that the 7710 is not able to accomplish.  The only conceivable issue could be the weight and the sheer dimensions of the chassis.  Still, users have come to expect such factors with previous Dell workstations.